Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Herbstlaub's beautiful Sonnewende

A few posts and rather a while ago I recommended a set by Belgian electronica/ambient artist Herbstlaub on Soundcloud. It turns out there are quite a few records by Herbstlaub out there and the last days I've been giving one of them, Sonnewende,  quite a few spins.

Sonnewende is a beautiful piece of melancholic music, which, rather oddly and mostly due to the way he uses speech samples, reminds me of one of my favourite records, Death in June's Kapo, though it is a lot less dark. You can download it for free from his web site. Do.


  1. ganz toll lieber arnfinn.danke und wieder danke!!

  2. Great stuff. I also discovered the other albums as well, thanks!